Honda Perú – Facebook Content

My client, a well known peruvian digital marketing agency needed daily post concepts for Honda Peru’s facebook page. My tasks involved creating post concepts, scheduling them and analyzing their reach and engagement. I worked with a team in order to create and deliver the content. I gave design instructions to the account’s designer and had bilateral communication with an account manager. I also handled community management tasks related to the posted content.

Tools: Hootsuite, Slack, Trello, Facebook Insights.

Translation: “Which #Civic version would you like to start 2017 with?

Translation: “What’s your favorite part of the amazing #Civic?

Translation: “What does #Honda mean for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!”
Picture: “Everything seems impossible until it’s done” -Soichiro Honda

Translation: WARNING: This picture of a Civic’s heart may awake strong emotions such as love or euphoria!