Averno Brewery – Facebook Event Marketing

Cervecería Averno, a local brewpub had it’s official opening and they needed to spread the word. I was in charge of creating a strategy to increase awareness of the event. In order to reach their target audience I focused my strategy using three main tools: Facebook Ads, Content Management and a Giveaway Contest.

I created the facebook event, designed optimized graphic content relevant to the event and published it daily. Set up a Facebook Ads campaign and ran a giveaway contest. The final result was a well engaged event page that reached a big audience which remained active until the opening day.

The following people was reached:

62,246 Event Reach  | 9,500 Invited  | 1,100 Interested  | 697 Going  | 60 User posts on event

Tools: Facebook Power Editor, Facebook Event Creator, Adobe Photoshop, Canon DSLR.


Facebook Ad optimized for web


Facebook Ad optimized for mobile

Facebook event cover design

Event posts design and engagement

Event posts design and engagement

Total Results (Active for 10 days)

Total people reached with Facebook Ad


Total Event Reach, mostly organic.

Target audience was reached.


Event had great engagement rates.