Hi! I'm Sacbé Medrano

Digital Marketer & Content Creator

Consumers have more control now, and its not only limited to their decisions but also influences other people’s decisions as their voice can now be heard by more people and faster than never. Markets are turning into conversations and marketing is evolving into a two-way discipline where products and services become a conclusion of the interaction between consumers and companies.

I’ve been a heavy internet user since my teenage years and have witnessed its evolution and how people has been getting more and more involved with it as years pass. I believe that the introduction of the internet in social relations and commerce was a natural step of society and that in the very near future will play a big role in most of our interactions and decisions.


I’m passionate about how new digital media influences today’s social communication and the way it’s exponentially increasing the reach that indivudals, organizations and companies can achieve. I’m amazed by how fast and accurately digital media is evolving; along with our behavior towards it.

In photography, I found the perfect way to capture and share how I see my surroundings and the visuals that catch my eye. I quicky became fond of all the parts of this process, from shooting a picture to finding the way of exposing it to the people I want it to.


I’m moving towards finding the best way to integrate my strongest interests, which are photography, digital media and the internet, into both my work and personal projects. I’m constantly learning skills from different areas that can correlate to each other in order to make me a versatile professional, allowing me to understand and participate in a wide range of stages involved in the process that make an idea spread and incubate.




I can help you with:

After analyzing the behavior of your niche audience in social media I will turn the available tools and knowledge into a customized and detailed strategy that can be executed by either me or your team.

I will create a plan to leverage your social media content, defining how, when and in which platform your content will be shared to make the best out of it. Every social media channel has its own purpose, target and tools and I will help you understand them and use them at your favor.

I will create content ready to be shared in social media, such as photographies, post designs and video, support it with engaging text, following brand’s graphic guideline and voice, always customizing the graphics for the devices and platforms where your content will be shared.

Using Facebook’s Power Editor advertisements platform, I can design ads that communicate accurately and creatively what your brand is about to the people you want to reach, making your acquisition channels grow and your conversions increase while mantaining a high ROI.

Keeping track of the results achieved on social media based on relevant and measurable objectives is one of the parts of the strategy I care most about. I will analyze, organize and translate KPIs into plans and actions that will continuously improve the results of the strategy.

What people say: